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Monday, January 21, 2013

Royce Castro - 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience'

There are scores of rappers out there vying for a visible space in the corner of the music industry reserved for Rap. There are all sorts of gimmicks and copycats out there so it's always a breath of fresh air to hear someone aspiring to true artistry.

Royce Castro is one such ambitious MC. I happen to know that this project was carefully thought out and crafted for long standing impact. I'm sure that sounds cliche but I can assure you that Royce Castro is the real deal.

The title alone is very lofty and can easily work against an artist. Even the mention of such giants can lead a listener to a heightened expectation and subsequent hard let down. This is not the case with 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience.' Royce has an extremely passionate project on his hands that is the beginning of a truly unique style. For two prime examples, look to the Tucker Brothers produced "Built 4 Something Special" and "Blues Hip-Hop Rock & Roll." This EP is very fine introduction to the work of a true artist.

Check the stream and free-if-you-insist download below...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Royce Castro - "Picture Me Coastin"

Team Chello in the building! (virtually anyway) Royce Castro is back on the airwaves with "Picture Me Coastin." Hopping back and forth between New Jersey and Atlanta, Royce has been working hard on completing and promoting 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience EP.' While the project hasn't been made available online yet, we have a track to vibe to until it is.

"Picture Me Coastin" is another dope display of Royce's rhyme style. It definitely carries heavier influence from his time spent in Atlanta but it's still signature Royce Castro music.

Check out the stream and free download...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Royce Castro - "Faded 4Ever"

Royce Castro has been causing a quiet riot over the last year. From several features on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes to radio play in Atlanta to acting in USA Network's Necessary Roughness, Royce has been hard at work on raising awareness of his abilities. While work has certainly been done, fans have been itching for more frequent releases from the New Jersey spitter. I've heard a few tracks from the upcoming project, at various stages of development, but there was one thing consistent about everything I listened to and that was that Royce was on fire.

"Faded 4Ever" is the latest release and as right as rain, Royce gets busy on the lyrical work and production from Linx Da General is sharp as well. Right from the jump, Royce attacks the verses with the same hunger we've come to expect from him. He bounces back and forth between uptempo and down tempo deliveries and it comes together seamlessly. He really can do anything.

Check the free stream below...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Royce Castro - "Black Bill Gates"

Lyrical exercise. It's like any other thing that you want to be good at. You have to practice. Just as a basketball player works until muscle memory takes over; an MC must write and record until it's second nature. 

New Jersey MC Royce Castro has been slamming the web with previously unreleased tracks, music videos and freestyles for that last few months and the streets are starting to listen. Royce is a throwback to a less tainted time in Hip-Hop. Smooth delivery over head nod material is the mode and it's definitely refreshing to hear.

With this latest release, "Black Bill Gates", Royce shows his versatility and toys around with 16th timing. Click below to listen and download.

  Bill gate 2 by user8502903